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A tailor-made coaching program for you

Do you want to quit your job and become a Yoga Teacher? Or are you already a Yoga Teacher who wants to take your personal brand to the next level? Or would you like to live a Holistic Lifestyle, quit drinking alcohol and work on personal development? Then 1:1 coaching with Lisa is perfect for you.

Wellness coaching with Lisa is for you who feel stuck but wants change. Through private and intimate sessions, Lisa guides you on a journey to become your highest self and release your full pontential. 

Lisa truly practise what she preach and shares what she learned from quitting her job in the corporate world to become a Yoga Teacher and start her own business. By living and breathing a Holistic Lifestyle she now shares her secrets and insights with her coaching clients so that they can live a more balanced and content life.


Always tailor-made for you.

What can I expect?

  • Your choice of weekly or monthly sessions

  • Flexible payment of your choice

  • 10% discount when you book 5-10 sessions

  • Sessions can be held in English or Swedish


What's included?

  • The coaching program includes 5 or 10 coaching sessions 

  • 60 min face to face or online sessions

  • Personalised recommendations

  • A goodie bag filled with inspirations for your new journey 

  • Personal support by Lisa via email 



  • Feeling drained, tired or stuck in your life?

  • Do you feel stressed and don't know how to release stress?

  • Tend to help others first and let your needs come secondary?

  • Want to change your daily habits but don't know how?

  • Wish you lived a more Holistic lifestyle?

  • Do you hate your job or dream of having your own business?

  • Want to start your own business but don't believe in yourself?

  • Rarely follow your dreams because you're scared that you might fail?

  • Feel like your old mindset is no longer serving you?

  • Wish that you had someone who could guide and support you on this journey?


  • Find your purpose and tools that will give you an energy boost

  • Get specific techniques and tools that will help you cope with stress 

  • Learn to prioritise yourself  and let go of limiting believes about yourself

  • Create daily habits and practises for your mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health

  • Gain knowledge about Holistic Health so you can live a more Holistic Lifestyle

  • Align your dreams and purpose with your career

  • Create a self-love practise and become your own biggest supporter

  • Map out your biggest dreams and set goals to achieve them

  • Change your mindset to a more positive one so that you will feel more inspired and energised 

  • That you don't need to go through everything by yourself

Do you have any questions?

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"Your true nature is blissful, expandable, fearless, joyful, playful and helpful. Wellbeing is your birthright - to feel and share with the world."

- Yogrishi Vishvketu


You deserve to live your dream life. To wake up and feel inspired and excited about your life, your relationships, career, health and mind. It's never too late to change, start over or begin daily habits that serves you. 

Perhaps you're tired of feeling empty, numb or simply tired of being tired. Trust me, I've been there. I had it all, the perfect boyfriend, a great career and salary in Finance but I felt completely numb inside. 

Balance is not something you find, it's something you create. Lisa coaches from first hand experience with over 10 years experience of self development and inner work. She promises to guide you, support you and hold you accountable so that you can live a more fulfilling life. Mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically.

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