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Yoga & Meditation for a healthier staff 

Are you looking for a trendy team-building activity for your conference or would you like to treat your staff with weekly Yoga in the office?

Yoga and Meditation are scientifically proven to increase concentration, creativity and kindness. In other words the ultimate activity for your staff.


Weekly classes in the office

Office Yoga break are weekly classes on a day and time that suits you, where Lisa will come to your office and guide you through a relaxing Yoga class. The Yoga is designed to suit all levels. 


Start your conference with Yoga & Breakfast or end the day with After Work Yoga. Lisa will guide your through a calm Yoga class that suits all levels. 

4500 SEK for 1 session. 

18 500 SEK for 5 sessions.

34 000 SEK for 10 sessions.

Prices are excluding 6% VAT and based on a group of 15 persons.

Book your preference via email or the form below.

All sessions includes a complimentary healthy treat, such as smoothies or vegan bars. 


"Amazing experience and Lisa is a fantastic yoga instructor! She came to our office and everyone loved it! We will certainly get her to come back again (if budget allows she will have a rolling schedule!). I dearly recommend her to EVERYONE who are looking to do something fun end relaxing with their team/company!"

Emma-Sofia, Chief Operating Officer


Tack för ditt meddelande!

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