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WW's Marrakech Five Star Wellness Guide

Uppdaterat: 23 dec. 2019

Royal Mansour Marrakech

Enter via the private citrus garden through a gorgeous vintage oriental door with candle lanterns on both side. When you enter this spa you will be speechless by the all-white room which is breathtaking. Just when you think nothing can beat the relaxing sounds on the fountains while you have your private area in the white room, you'll make your way to the orangery with the heated swimming pool. Have a nice swim or just chill out in the sun-beds. Watch the sunset here and you will fall in love with Marrakech and Royal Mansour.

La Mamounia

Visually this is definitely the most eye-pleasing Spa in Marrakech with endless corners to take the perfect instagram photo. Maybe that is exactly why this spa just isn't as relaxing as the other spas in Marrakech. It's architecture is stunning and the different sections makes you want to explore but it just isn't relaxing enough.

Four Seasons

Located a bit further away from the busy city centre, there is a high chance you will be completely alone in this gorgeous Spa. This on it's own is a huge bonus if you ask me and makes you relax straight away. This Spa has very comfortable sun-beds in the garden where you can take a cup of Moroccan mint tea, dried fruits and nuts - just lay down and watch the clouds in the sky.

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