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Lisa Wingårdh Yoga Stockholm

Healing, holistic & authentic yoga, always tailor-made for you!

Lisa’s journey with eating disorders, a schizophrenic parent and experiences with feeling overworked in the corporate world, influenced her to become a Yoga Teacher. Before her Yoga Teacher training, Lisa practiced Yoga for over 9 years for her personal well-being and health. She then decided to quit her full-time job in finance to follow her dream and become a certified 300-hour Yoga Teacher.

After her life-changing Yoga Teacher Training in India, Lisa founded Wingårdh Wellness. She strives to guide others to reconnect and balance body, mind, soul and spirit through Yoga and Meditation. Her devotion to share the Yogic wisdom with the world is shown through her various styles of Yoga and class concepts.

Wingårdh Wellness is not your traditional Yoga Studio. It's Private 1:1 Yoga, Yoga & Breakfast Events, Corporate & Conference Yoga, Workshops, Retreats & more.


Always tailor-made for you.


Teaching Yoga and Meditation to help and inspire others to heal and love themselves again. Her healing Hatha Yoga, Classical Kundalini Yoga and holistic Akhanda Yoga are practises for the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. 



Lisa specialise in Private Yoga to guide your to your best version of yourself and to upgrade your health in a whole-some and holistic perspective.



Book weekly Yoga on your lunch break at your office or why not begin or end your conference with a relaxing Yoga class. 



Enjoy your week in the best way by enjoying a relaxing evening yoga class followed by spa or an early morning yoga class followed by a healthy breakfast buffet.

"With sensitivity, love and great competence, Lisa leads her yoga classes in a fantastic way. She creates a safe and permissive space where all individuals are taken into account and where the emphasis is on that power in one's own practice based on one's own conditions. Highly recommend! Only love!"

Yoga Student

"Lisa has changed my idea of yoga for the better. As I am not the most physically fit or flexible person, yoga was always intimidating for me and in the past I have become impatient or frustrated with myself during classes. But since taking Lisa’s classes, her approach to the practice of yoga has taught me that it is as much an internal workout as it is an external, and the practice became a place for me to find peace finally in my own strength and feel present in the moment. She is as much a spiritual teacher as she is a yoga teacher, and for her guidance I will be forever grateful.

Cat, Yogi

"Have yoga with Lisa before, her morning classes are absolutely wonderful and now I privately tested 1: 1 yoga with her and it was the best yoga class I have ever had. Lisa is very knowledgeable and has a very nice wonderful energy that you really feel. Will definitely continue with private yoga!

Seiran, Yogi

"Lisa is the embodiment of yoga - body, mind and spirit. She imparts her knowledge and wisdom with such grace and devotion.

A dedicated teacher who possesses many skills and natural gifts, primarily she teaches from her passionate heart, holds a very safe and conscious space.

She delivers these authentic teachings with a divine grace and compassion.

You will feel nurtured, guided and inspired when attending her classes."

Julia Anastasiou, Senior Yoga Teacher

Lisa Wingårdh PT-Yoga Stockholm