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Hair By Nielsen

Namaste beautiful soul,

I hope that you had a lovely weekend & that you feel ready for the week ahead. My weekend was very peaceful, filled with recharging and family time - just what I needed. On Friday afternoon I went to my amazing hairdresser - Helen, Hairbynielsen. I can honestly say she's the best hairdresser I've ever had & I've never been happier with the result like I was on Friday (see the photo above).

Lately I've received so many questions how my hair can be so long without extensions. My hair has never been this long until now, so I thought I’d share my tips with you:

  1. Find a hairdresser that knows your hair. I’m so grateful I’ve found @hairbynielsen who is the best hairdresser in Stockholm, that makes me want to go to the hairdresser more often. Every 3 months in really good to cut the ends if you want it to grow more.

  2. Vegan Collagen. I’ve taken every single vitamin there is for longer hair but it wasn’t until I found vegan collagen that my hair finally started to grow.

  3. Zinc vitamins everyday. I take zinc vitamins every morning because it’s amazing for hair growth and to repair the hair. I highly recommend that you take zinc on it’s own and not in multivitamins, to me it’s helped my hair grow longer a lot faster.

  4. Don’t stress. As soon as I get stressed I start to loose hair so I make sure I Meditate daily, turn off all the notifications on my phone and clear my calendar from anything that makes me feel stressed.

  5. Eat healthy and nutritious foods. Everything starts from within so to glow on the outside you need to take care of yourself on the inside. I’ve been vegetarian for 9 years and I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables daily which definitely helps the skin, hair & nails.

How to get long hair

Do you have any tips for healthy hair? Comment below & like this post if you want me to share more tips like this!

Namaste with love,


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Namaste Beautiful Souls,

Happy Friday & hope that you're excited about this weekend! I recently came back from my summer holiday on Gotland, and I'm so excited to be back because I love my job and home in Stockholm.

My first week back couldn't start any better because it started with a photoshoot together with Sisterly Tribe which was so much fun! The photoshoot was for their new collection and colors which I absolutely loved!

The best part about the photoshoot was that I got to meet Kristin (who I've met before), the founder of Sisterly Tribe and two new lovely souls - Saara and Hanna. Saara is a Pilates instructor in Stockholm and Hanna is an amazing photographer.

I love connecting with so many lovely sisters in my job and I left the photoshoot feeling so inspired!

Sisterly Tribe

I got this beautiful green set as a gift at the end of the day, how dreamy is this color? I love "nature" coloured Yoga clothes - like sage, beige and cream.

Me and my long lost sister (or twin) Saara! This was the first time we meet but we instantly connected and we couldn't get over how much we looked alike!

These are just iPhone photos but I will share all the edited photos on my instagram when the new collection is live!

Have a wonderful Friday & weekend!

Namaste with love,


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Inlägget innehåller reklamlänkar

Har du gjort en hälsokontroll förut? Jag har gjort hälsokontroller vid två tillfällen tidigare förut för att jag tycker att det är ett så himla bra sätt att se till att man inte har brist på något eller att få ett konkret svar på vilka vitaminer man kan behöva ta.

Jag är så glad att har lanserat en hälsokontroll via blodprov beställning och provsvar online. Så smidigt att ta blodprovet direkt efter beställning på närmaste provtagning och sen få hälsokontrollen online.

När jag gjorde min hälsokontroll så insåg jag att jag hade brist på järn och kunde sen ta järntabletter så att jag kände mig mycket piggare och hälsosammare.

Jag rekommenderar Medisera starkt om du är nyfiken på att göra en hälsokontroll på det smidigaste sättet. Du kan läsa mer på deras hemsida:

Kommer du att testa? Kommentera nedan!

Namaste with love,


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