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Namaste Beautiful Souls,

Happy Friday & hope that you're excited about this weekend! I recently came back from my summer holiday on Gotland, and I'm so excited to be back because I love my job and home in Stockholm.

My first week back couldn't start any better because it started with a photoshoot together with Sisterly Tribe which was so much fun! The photoshoot was for their new collection and colors which I absolutely loved!

The best part about the photoshoot was that I got to meet Kristin (who I've met before), the founder of Sisterly Tribe and two new lovely souls - Saara and Hanna. Saara is a Pilates instructor in Stockholm and Hanna is an amazing photographer.

I love connecting with so many lovely sisters in my job and I left the photoshoot feeling so inspired!

Sisterly Tribe

I got this beautiful green set as a gift at the end of the day, how dreamy is this color? I love "nature" coloured Yoga clothes - like sage, beige and cream.

Me and my long lost sister (or twin) Saara! This was the first time we meet but we instantly connected and we couldn't get over how much we looked alike!

These are just iPhone photos but I will share all the edited photos on my instagram when the new collection is live!

Have a wonderful Friday & weekend!

Namaste with love,


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