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Do you love Yin Yoga & Restorative Yoga as much as I do? I’ve always returned to Yin Yoga during the most hectic times in life and to me, it’s the ultimate remedy for stress.

A big difference between Yin Yoga and “normal” Hatha Yoga is that we use a lot of props so the body can let go and just melt into the poses.

I’ve been using Wearmyyoga’s Meditation Pillow and Bolster along with their Aroma Diffuser + essential oils for over a week now and I’m honestly feeling like; - How was my practice before I had them?

Also with my private Yoga students I have been using the Meditation Pillow and the Bolster. I highly recommend to lay the bolster on the hips or thighs in Savasana, it's sooo grounding and when you lay yourself on it like I do in the photo below - Supported Bridge Pose - to open the heart chakra - that's totally divine!

I also used the diffuser in my private studio - and I’m not gonna lie, I fell in love with it! The calming sound and the scent... so good that I took it home, now it lives next to my bed, on my bedside table. Every night I add a few drops of lavender oil in the diffuser and put it on 10min before I go to bed - gives the whole room a calming energy, feels so comforting and soothing, you sleep like a baby…

I’ve also been offering the essential oils in my group classes and so many have been asking me where I got them.

Therefor I’m happy to share my code LISA15 that gives you 15% off EVERYTHING at , valid until 21-11-30

I hope you will love the props as much as I do! Please let me know what you think.

Go to my instagram to enter my Giveaway (if you haven’t already) with @wearmyyoga - a few hours left to sign up!

Namaste with love,


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yoga retreat stockholm


6-7 November

Do you need to recharge and check-out from the everyday stress? Then this Weekend Yoga Retreat with Lisa Wingårdh at Smådalarö Gård is for you.

Weekend Yoga Retreat Stockholm

Come as you are or bring someone you love to this unforgettable weekend filled with recharging and techniques that you can bring home for a more sustainable lifestyle. You’re invited to join an exclusive and unique Weekend Yoga Retreat with only 12 spaces available to keep it intimate. You can check-out from your daily life and check-in to a Yoga Retreat where you will be guided through Hatha Yoga, Meditation, Journaling, Spiritual Cards and Crystals so that you learn techniques to use at home to live a calmer life.

Lisa Wingårdh’s own mental health journey with eating disorders, a schizophrenic parent and feeling overworked in the corporate world, influenced her to become a 300h Holistic Yoga Teacher. Lisa is the founder of Wingårdh Wellness and her Yoga Retreats have a Holistic approach, which means it’s not just Yoga – it’s our daily life, relationships, jobs, friends and family that affects our well-being.

Retreat schedule:


15.00 Check-in

15.00-15.30 Retreat Welcome Circle

15:30-16:30 Opening Circle & Restorative Yoga

16:30-18.30 Free time

18.30 Vegetarian 2-course dinner 2

20.00 Free time


08:00-09:00 Morning Hatha Yoga Flow

09:00-10:30 Hotel Breakfast

10:30-11.00 Free time

11:00-14:00 SPA & Closing Circle

15:00 Late Check out


Price Weekend Yoga Retreat:

1500 kr

The price includes Yoga with Lisa, a Yoga set from Sisterly Tribe, Essential oils, a goodie bag filled with lovely products and a journal.

Price for hotel accommodation at Smådalarö gård:

Includes accommodation, spa, dinner (excluding drinks) & breakfast.

From 2550 kr per person in double room

From 3950 kr per person in single room

If you would like to share room with another Yogi, please email


Do you want to join this magical weekend? Book your spot by clicking on the "book now" button. You will receive all the booking details via email. There’s only 12 exclusive spaces available. We’re so looking to welcoming you!

Smådalarö gård Yoga

Namaste with love,


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Namaste 🙏🏼

How cosy does this morning look? Last week I was invited to About Yoga's Event at Hotel Kung Carl. The morning started with a beautiful Yoga class lead by Sheila Arnell and Magnus Fridh, then we had breakfast and a workshop about Vitamins & Supplements together with Life. I have always been passionate about Vitamins, how they can make us our best versions of ourselves so it was a perfect morning.

Yoga mats from Lululemon Sweden

It was so lovely to be guided in the Yoga class by another Teacher, it's been a long time since I was guided by someone else "live". I often practise with my indian Yoga Guru, Vishva-ji, online via YouTube but not that often with a Teacher and in a class. Not because I don't want to but more so because I practise Yoga every morning at home, so I don't feel the same urge to go to a studio as I use to before I became a Yoga Teacher.

I brought my beautiful friend Zamina to the event so the day couldn't have started in a better way.

I wish you a beautiful day!

Namaste with love,


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