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A new kind of Monday - New Delhi

Last Monday I took the train to the office and sat by the desk for 8 hours. This Monday I'm finally in India and these are just some of the beautiful views today. I don't even think I can get how big the contrasts are.

I arrived in Delhi at 7am, very tired but excited to be back in India for the third time. This time feeling like coming home, I know how crazy it sounds but it felt like coming back to your summer house or a place where you spent all your summers as a child.

The first two times I went to India I remember being so overwhelmed and shocked by a lot of things. This time it was completely different. If feels like I can relax and just enjoy India now when I don't get surprised or scared.

When I arrived I tried to take out cast at the airport, tried 8 different ATMs and none of them was working. A lovely indian girl walked with me to all different ATMs to try to help me. She managed to get out cash on her card so I ended up asking a guy in his thirties if he knew a ATM close by the airport.

"Where are you going? I'll book you the taxi.", he said straight away.

I told him that I could get a taxi by the taxi stand but I just wondered if there was any ATM I could tell the Taxi driver to stop by. The same second I finished speaking he said, "I'll give you the cash, here's 500 rupees for the taxi. I tried to tell him again and again that he really didn't need to give me the money but he was just like:

"Don't worry about it, it's good karma".

I think we have a lot to learn from spiritual countries like India. I can't believe how helpful these two people at the airport was being. The girl going with me to 8 different ATMs and the guy offering me the money for the taxi. Believing in Karma makes you want to help every single being around you and by doing that you get help in ways you didn't even know was possible. THANK YOU BOTH SO MUCH 🙏🏼

I wasn't suppose to go to New Delhi at all, I was suppose to fly to New Delhi and then take a flight the same day to Rishikesh. I'm really happy I'm here and get to finish my 30 days prep course for the YTT. Today I did 1 hour online Yoga class after my nap. Tomorrow I will go up on the rooftop at my Hotel and do a Sun Salutations Class in the sunrise. I can't wait to get to Rishikesh and the mountains.

Thank you for reading 😘

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