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My Life-Changing Yoga Teacher Training

Namaste Beautiful Souls 🙏🏼

Returning back after two month's in India has been a blessing and a heartbreak. My first week back in Sweden I kept dreaming that I was still in India, and in my heart - I still am.

It's not easy to describe how incredible my 200h Yoga Teacher Training at Anand Prakash Ashram in Rishikesh. I learned so much more about teaching Yoga, the wisdom of Yoga and my own practise than I thought I would. The teachers really taught from their heart with passion and Vishva-ji is so available - throughout the classes, both in the classroom, in the Ashram and teaching morning Yoga every morning. I'm so grateful we got to go to Ganga for some outdoor classes, to the Jungle Ashram and the the Hari Krishna Temple as a group.

Being together with a group of 30 people who all aspire to become Yoga Teachers is just so beautiful, it feels like you're together with people who are at the exact same place as you at the same time. We also did so many beautiful rituals everyday and we got some time with Vishva-ji where we got to ask personal questions where some advises he gave me really changed my life.

The food, staff and Ashram is really 5 star and more. Would recommend anyone who's looking for a Yoga Teacher Training beyond just the physical level, to come here because you will learn about the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional level both of yourself and other people.

Thank you so much everyone involved with my teacher training and everyone in the Ashram! I'm so grateful to have a new family, both my 200 YTT class of 30 people, the Akhanda Yoga family all over the world and a second home, the Ashram, to always come back to. 

Thank you for reading!

Santoshi 💗

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