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Yoga Teacher Training in India

I've decided to keep a blog/journal on my trip to India!

I've always loved journaling and used to journal by the age of 7-15 and picked it up last year. I now do it every morning again.

Last time I went to India, I traveled around the country for 6 months together with my sister and I really regret I didn't keep a blog while we were traveling. As much as I'm looking forward to having a break from technologies I think it will be a beautiful memory to carry with me for the rest of my life on this once in a lifetime journey.

I can't believe the day is here!!! I'm at the airport and thinking about the first time this idea even came to my mind. I was practising Yoga everyday at my favorite studio, Altromondo in Stockholm, and I was looking up to my Teachers so much. Seeing their life energy and listening to all their wise words in the classes. During one class I thought back of a Yoga class I did in the Maldives with one of the best teachers I've ever had. Later that day I messaged him and asked where he did his Teacher Training. In India, at Akhanda Yoga he replied. This was in June.

In July, I booked a 100 hours YTT in March 2020. By then only thinking I would do 2 weeks for my own practise, not thinking about becoming a teacher. When I started becoming really unhappy in my office job I couldn't stop thinking about the energy of my Teachers. Full of life, full of light. Then I asked Akhanda if they had any 200 hours YTT in 2020, and they did in February. Actually perfect timing with my March course. A week later everything was booked.

I just thought this is my purpose, this is what I really suppose to do. Everything else will just have to be sorted out. In November I told my manager that I was going to India for 6 weeks and therefore wanted to take all my holiday at the beginning in the year. When my managers declined it I stopped everything and listened to my heart. I knew that if I wouldn't do this, I would regret it forever.

Sitting here on the airport I must say it's been a long way here, a lot of planning, a lot of conversations with managers/work, a lot of Travel arrangements like VISA, booking flights, renting out my apartment, making a budget plan, the list is long but it's been SO worth it!

Tomorrow is Monday and instead of taking the train to the office I will wake up in New Delhi, maybe all of this will feel real by then.

If anyone if interested in doing something similar or is unhappy about where they are in life - let me know and I will answer all your questions the best I can. Would love to help in any way I can!

Just want to thank you all for your beautiful support, comments and love! I can't even explain how grateful I am for all your kind words.

Thank you for reading!

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