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Becoming a Eating Disorders Volunteer

Namaste Beautiful Souls,

Hope you're having a beautiful weekend!

I have just finished a 7 hours Online Course on how to become a Volunteer to help people and families with Eating Disorders. I had an interview this week with a lovely woman from the organisation Frisk & Fri that I will volunteer for by taking calls on their help line and maybe becoming a Mentor to someone.

The Online course was very special. It was telling the stories of five children and their families. They were all in different ages and had different types of eating disorders. One of the children in the course was called "Lisa, 12 y/o". I was 13 but it felt so real. Reading about her feelings, watching videos about her eating dinner with her family and seeing her go to the doctor. It felt like reading about myself.

Of course it makes me feel emotional but I'm reminding myself that this isn't really about me or how I feel. This is to help all the children, families and young people needing to talk to someone who's been through what they are going through.

Have you ever done something that is really hard but you do it anyway to help someone else? Would love to hear your story, comment below or send me a DM.

Thank you for reading 💗

With love,


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