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Celebrating One Year Without Alcohol


I’m very proud, grateful and humble to say that it’s now been a year since I stopped drinking alcohol.

The reasons why I wanted to stop are many and when they finally became more than the reasons why to drink, it was easy to stop.

✨ My health. I couldn't sleep when I drank, I could sleep maybe 4-5 hours so the day after for me was like a terrible hangover and the feeling of 4 hours sleep. I used to have a sensitive stomach and I’m surprised no doctor or specialist told me about the impact of alcohol and coffee, it’s so strong for the stomach.

✨ The money. It’s almost fun when I compare the Money I spent on Alcohol vs. the money I spend on investing in my dreams in life. I realised that I had no problem spending thousands of money a month on Alcohol but when I came to my dream travels or dream Yoga retreats/education, I was hesitating spending half of what I could spend on a night out.

✨ The time. I realised how much time I spent going out and all the time spent on the sofa the day after to recover. I began to think, what if I spent all that time on a business, practising a new skill or studying something.

✨ My body. Alcohol is completely free from nutrition and highly toxifying, which almost makes me laugh when I think back to how healthy I've been and how much I've been working out while I was drinking the most. We practise Yoga to detoxify the body, mind and soul. Why would I spend 300h and more practising Yoga and then ruin it by drinking alcohol?

Is there something you would like to stop? Something that you think would impact your health for the better? I would love to hear in comments below 💗

Namaste with love,

Lisa 🙏🏼

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