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How Daily Meditation Can Change Your Life

Uppdaterat: 27 maj 2020

Last year when I stopped watching TV and started Meditating in the morning, my whole life changed in ways I didn’t know was possible. I started with 5min, then 10min, then 20min and at the end of the year 30min. I felt happier than I’ve felt in years, I felt calmer than I’ve ever felt and I felt like nothing could get to me. I stopped trying to control things that I can’t control. I stopped caring about issues or problems in the world that I can’t control. I started appreciating the small things in life. I started to see that I could create anything that I wanted into my life.

How To Change Your Life With Daily Meditation

Start with 5 minutes. I started with 5, then 10, then 15, 20 and today I Meditate for 30 minutes every morning. You don't have to start with 30 minutes though, start where you're at. If you only can take 4 minutes out of your day, take 4. I have a 4 minutes guided Meditation on my Instagram and YouTube that you can start with.

No judgement. Don't expect or give up if your mind isn't clear or if you move during Meditation the first few times. This happens to all of us in the beginning but it's a practise so don't expect to be a pro the first few times.

Find your way. Maybe it's to sit in silence on a Meditation cushion with candles. Maybe it's in the forrest listening to the birds and feeling the air on your skin. Maybe it's listening to Meditation music in your bed. What I mean is that there's no specific way to Meditate, so forget about all ideas about what's right and what's wrong with Meditation.

Then the magic started to happen, I started seeing the light of the stars. The stars that are there to guide us if we only look up in the sky. I will write another post about what happened to me when I meditated everyday for 9 months.

I have started to post some guided meditations on my Instagram and Youtube if you're interested in trying my Guided Meditation.

Namaste 🙏🏼

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