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How I got My First Yoga Studio Job after my 200h YTT

Namaste Beautiful Souls!

Today I'm sharing some very exciting news with you - I got my first Teaching job at a Yoga studio!

I'm so grateful, excited and happy. I will be teaching Classical Kundalini Yoga at Huddinges Hjärta in Stockholm. My classes are every Monday 18.00-19.30, between 1 June-31 August.

Huddinges Hjärta is a beautiful Yoga Studio that used to be an old church. The energy in the studio is incredible, the first time I was there I had to lay down because the energy was so strong. I felt like a new person when I left, which is exactly the feeling we want to feel after Yoga. It's quite rare to find a spiritual Yoga studio in Stockholm so I feel very lucky that my first studio is such a spiritual Shala.

One of the owners, beautiful Mara, is my dad's old friend and we met the first time when I was around 4 years old. She was working at a circus then and I remember that I thought she was some kind of circus-super-woman-cartoon-characters. She loves Chanting and Pranayama, just like me, so hopefully we will have a workshop together this summer. She has practised and taught for so many years and is so experienced, I feel so grateful that all these incredible and experienced Teachers that I have in my life.

Here's a my 5 best tips to anyone who's fresh out of 200h YTT and looking for your first studio job:

1. Ask all your connections, ask your family, friends and Yoga Teachers if they know a studio that need someone. Let people know that you are looking for a Yoga Studio to teach at.

2. Join some Yoga Teachers groups on Facebook, I joined one called "Yoga Teachers Stockholm" as soon as I got back and sometimes if a teacher is sick they will post there and ask if someone can take their class.

3. Be open for everything, I think it's common to want to start at the biggest Yoga studio in your city when you come back but be realistic, you need to start somewhere so be open to teach at a smaller studio. All experience is good experience and you need it to be able to teach at your dream studio one day.

4. A no is just one step closer to a yes, so I have been in contact with so many studios since I got back and many have said no, don't let it put you off! The more No you get, the closer you are to a Yes!

5. Be yourself. When we are new as Yoga Teachers we might want to be exactly like our favourite Teachers or I was a bit worried that my style of Yoga will be too spiritual for Sweden. Just be your authentic self when you talk to studio managers or when you do a audition.

Everyone living in Stockholm, I really hope I will see you in my classes this summer! I can't wait to teach live and face to face after all the online classes I've been doing.

Thank you for reading!

Namaste with love,

Santoshi 🙏🏼

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