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How To Help Someone With a Eating Disorder in 2020

✨Trigger Warning: Eating Disorders✨⠀

Today I’m sharing something that’s very close to my heart and always will be. I got my first eating disorder when I was 13 years old, Bulimia. I had overate at my own birthday party, I had lost control and just kept eating sweets and cake until I felt sick. The anxiety and panic was growing inside of me and the only way to let it out was to throw up. At the time I had no idea what Bulimia or eating disorders were, it’s like it found me. At the beginning I was just throwing up occasionally but it didn’t take long until I started throwing up everything I ate. It hurts to think back at the fact that I couldn’t even eat a carrot without throwing it up. ⠀

After 6 months of throwing up, I got Anorexia and got depressed for the first time. It breaks my heart to think that I was just 13 years old when I got my first depression, no child should feel depressed or starve themselves. ⠀

I remember the day before I got hospitalised for my Anorexia. I ate half a carrot and half a crisp bread in the morning and was about to go to school, then I fainted in the kitchen and I had to be hospitalised. Where the real struggle started with force feeding, therapy and learning how to eat again. Eating disorders are extremely painful disorders for the family and for the person being sick. It hurts for the family to see the person so sick and equally it hurts for the sick person to see their family in so much pain. ⠀

Today I’m sharing this because it’s in the past and I have left this chapter in my life behind me. I know that they’re still millions of people struggling with eating disorders and it would be an honour to help any of you see that it can pass, you can become healthy and love your body again. Love your body in ways you didn’t knew was possible. Heal the whole in your heart that needs to be healed. ⠀

How To Help Someone With a Eating Disorder

  • Get professional help. Try to not let it take too long before getting professional help. The sooner the better. Eating disorders are extremely complicated, rarely is the problem really about food and how much you want to help the person you probably can't unless you're a professional eating disorder therapist.

  • Look up what supporting organisations there is in your area. They often have support both for family and the person who's sick. It can be so helpful for both of you to talk with someone who isn't in the closest family to get support on how to talk to the person who's sick. I will soon be volunteering for one organisation by taking calls on their help line, when you have gone through this you can do that too.

  • Just let the person know you are there for him/her and let he or she come to you when he/ she is ready. I remember that every person I met told me a story about their friend who had an eating disorder or tried to get me to talk about mine. The sick person rarely want to talk about it so wait until he/she comes to you, until then just try to be the best friend/parent or sibling you can be.

  • Remember that this will pass, have patience and remember that this is temporary. It can feel like it will be like this forever but with the right help we can beat these terrible eating disorders.

If you, anyone in your close circle or anyone around you are experiencing anything like this and need someone to talk with, I’m here for you. Just send me a private message and I will help with in any way that I can.⠀

Thank you for listening! ⠀

Namaste 🙏🏼

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