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How To Love Your Body

I get questions everyday from you how I can be so comfortable in my own skin. Today I am but it’s taken years. The first years in my life was filled with hate and negativity towards my body. Since I was around 11 years old I can remember wishing I was as skinny as my best friends. Hating myself when I couldn’t fit in my best friends jeans. Around 13 years old, Bulimia and Anorexia started growing inside of me. With a force so strong that it was impossible to defend myself.

Today, the thing I love most about my body are my hips. The curves on my hips and my waist that makes my hips look bigger. But above everything, I’m grateful everyday my body is healthy, strong and energised. I can start crying of gratitude in my Meditation when I think of how lucky I am to have a body that works. A body that is strong and that makes it possible for me to move in nature and to practise Yoga everyday.

My best tips on how to love your body:

💗 Meditate on how grateful you are to have a body that’s functioning and that it’s healthy.

💗 Use daily affirmations like ‘I love my body. I’m grateful for my body. My body is my temple.’

💗 Write down all your insecurities about your body, all the old ideas of what you’re not happy with, and BURN IT. Let it go and fill the space with beautiful, loving and kind words to your body.

How is your relationship with your body? Do you have any tips on how to love it more? Please share in comments 🤍

Namaste with love 🙏🏼


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