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Mother Ganga

Namaste 🙏✨

Today we had morning classes inside the Ashram and in the afternoon Vishva-ji said we will take the Puppy, Nando, and go down to the Ganga River and have our afternoon class there. Magical. The Ganges River is only 10 minutes away from the Ashram so we walked through the village and when we came down to Ganges, Vishva-ji started playing drums and we did some chanting.

After that he told us about Solar and Lunar energy, how to practise Yoga with the nature for optimal balance and benefits. He also told us about Patanjali (the first Yogi) and the history of Yoga. It’s so incredible to hear about the old Yoga stories and learn more about where Yoga comes from. To hear it from someone who’s been a Yoga Master for 40 years just makes it incredible. I can’t believe how lucky I am that I found this Yoga Teacher Training. When I think about it, I could have chosen any school at all but I choose this one.

When we were by the Ganga river we could see the beautiful Lakshmi Temple, the Himalayas mountains and I had Nando in my lap whilst we were listening to Vishva-ji’s stories. I had to pinch myself to know that it was real. I remember googling photos of Rishikesh before I booked my tickets and now I’m finally here.

Before we walked back, Vishva-ji asked us to meditate on the face that we are really here, on all the steps we had to take to get here and on all the people that helped us to get here. I thought about the first time I said out loud that I wanted to become a Yoga Teacher, when I asked one of my teachers where he did his teacher training, when I decided to quit my job, when I booked the tickets and when I arrived at the Ashram. So incredible to think about everything that has led up to this moment.

Thank you for reading ❣️

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