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The Easy Way To Get A Driving Licence - In paid collaboration with Trafiko

Do you have a driving license? I'm so grateful that I took my driving license, even though I don't have a car today and mainly use public transportation because of the environment.

To me, having a driving license means freedom. The freedom to always be able to get to anywhere or to rent a car when you're abroad to see new places.

I postponed taking my drivers license for years because living in Stockholm, I didn't think I needed one but now I know that it's always useful to have a driving licence, in work and privately.

When I finally decided to get my drivers license I actually went to Gotland to get it because I practised driving with my dad on Gotland (the island that I'm from).

I wish I would have known about Trafiko when I took my driving licence because they will help you every step of the way to getting your driving licence. They will help you with the driving theory, the supervisor course, risk one and risk two. All in the one place - online.

They have a digital plattform for practising driving for all the different driving scenarios you need to know before your drivers test. When you have taken one of their courses, you will have free access to the whole site for free.

I love that they are an online platform which makes it easy to book any courses that you need to take before you can take your drivers license. I highly recommend you to check their website and read about their service if you're interested in taking a drivers license.

A gentle reminder for anyone who hasn't taken their license because they're scared they might fail - I've been there! You can do it & I believe in you!

Do you want to take your driving license or do you already have one? Comment below!

Namaste with love,


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