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Yoga For Healthier Staff

Namaste Beautiful Souls,

I worked 5 years in the corporate world before I became a Yoga Teacher. Full time, nine to five in the office with Marketing and Finance. I had a lot of back pain and felt very stressed by the high goals. I’m really passionate to help the employees in the Corporate world to find Yoga and Meditation because I know how much you need it.

Are you looking for a modern and trendy team-building activity for your conference or would you like to treat your staff with weekly Yoga in the office? Yoga and Meditation are scientifically proven to increase concentration, creativity and kindness. Together with @clarionsign you can now book a package with conference, food and Yoga with me for a special price.

The Yoga is designed to suit all levels and classes can be booked world-wide online. Conference Yoga is a team building activity that you can start your conference with Yoga & Breakfast or end the day with After Work Yoga. All sessions includes a complimentary healthy treat, such as smoothies or vegan bars. This can of course also be booked for any kind of group; organisations, schools or a group of friends for a party.

If you’re interested just send me a email or read more here.

I’m looking forward to practise with you.

Namaste with love,


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