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Yoga Of Hope For Children's Cancer

Yoga Event Stockholm

Cancer and children are two words that never should be heard in the same sentence. On Saturday the 14th of November, I’m hosting a Yoga Event together with @clarionsign where all the money will be donated all to @yogaofhope , the world's first international charity event in Yoga that supports children and young people suffering from cancer. Come as you are, bring someone you love and enjoy a relaxing Yoga class that suits everyone - both beginners and experienced Yogis.

✨ Where: Clarion Sign

✨ When: 14 November 16.00-17.00

✨ Teacher: Lisa Wingårdh

✨ Good to know: Please arrive well in advance of the class. Bring your own Yoga mat due to health reasons.

✨ How to register: Via the “Yoga of Hope” link in my bio.

If you’re not able to join on this date, you are still more than welcome to donate any amount to the Childhood Cancer Foundation via the link in my bio. Please share this event to friends, family and on social media so that we can help as many children as possible in the fight cancer.

THANK YOU in advance for your support 💗

Namaste with love 🙏🏼


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