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Hair Secrets - Vitamins & Routines

We've all been there, you need a change and decide to chop your hair off. It feels like there's nothing you can do to get your long hair back.. But what if there is?


This advice might change your life... There is so many over priced hair&nails vitamins on the market that you could spend a fortune on. Usually multivitamins are harder for the body to process so the only thing you really need from these is the one magic recipe - Zink. Not only will it make your hair grow down to your waist, your nails will also grow and stay strong.


At the most desperate after my experience with the hair dressers above, I truly read every single article on this subject. Like a junkie I was willing to do anything, at any price. I came across an article that recommended Biotion. Biotin contributes to normal energy-producing metabolism, maintenance of hair (and skin). After a couple of months of taking Biotin with my other morning vitamins, I started to see results.

Coconut Oil

Any kind of oil to nourish the ends of your hair will help your hair grown faster. Just apply one or two drops of preferred oil to the ends of your hair. The hair should be towel-dried and make sure you only apply the oil to the last 10-15 cm of your hair. When applied above the recommended length, the hair have a tendency to look greasy.

Hair Mask

The most efficient and excellent boost to moisturise dry hair. I used to think I don't have time to do hair masks or thought I had to invest in one of those expensive products at the hair dressers to get results. Little did I know until my current, very honest, hair dresser recommended me to buy any hair mask without silicone and use 2 times a week. My new routine is every Wednesday and Sunday, I add hair mask in the shower. Are you a restless soul like me - shave your legs while you're waiting or put on your favourite Beyoncé song to sing a long to in the shower.

It Starts on the Inside

Just like everything else in life, it all starts on the inside - with yourself and your other routines. If you're stressed, your hair will be stressed. It you don't take care of yourself (eating habits, rest, sleep or vitamins), your hair will not take care of itself either. It all starts within - make sure you sleep well, eat well and prevent stress by meditation or exercise.

Keep it mind - It can take up to 3-6 months for the hair to show results from your routines, so don't give up and enjoy your natural long hair.

Thank you for reading ❣️

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