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Who Am I?

I’m so grateful to see and feel so many new souls here, you’re now 3K souls that follows my journey and it honestly means the world to me.

✨ I'm born on the beautiful island Gotland, I grew up with my amazing dad and 4 siblings as the youngest. My dad raised us all four alone when my mother got sick in Schizophrenia. My life have been magical and miserable - as it should be. I suffered from Anorexia, my mother’s schizophrenia and several years of depression. The only medicine that helped was Yoga.

⠀ ⠀

✨ I’ve traveled 33 countries and I’ve lived in the UK for 4 years and in Italy for a while. In January 2020, I had worked in finance for five years, got promoted several times but felt emptier and emptier. I said goodbye to the corporate world and booked a Yoga Teacher Training in India that changed my life. I quit my job and started my own business. I practised Yoga for my own personal well-being for 10 years when I decided to follow my dream to become a certified 300-hour Yoga Teacher. I practise Yoga for my mental health and for my spiritual practise. It’s never been a physical practise for me.

✨ I live to fulfil my Dharma, my highest purpose - to spark the light in others that have lost theirs. I strive to guide others to reconnect with their true self, so that they can rest within themselves. I’m Devoted to share the Yogic wisdom with the world so that as many as possible can heal and love themselves again.

✨ I have a Private Yoga Studio in Stockholm where I teach personal training in Yoga for the body, mind, soul and spirit and this is also available online. I recently started my own YouTube channel where I will share more online classes with you. I love connecting with you and you inspire me everyday. Thank you for your daily support here!

Do you have any questions or anything that you want to share? Please comment 🙏🏼

Namaste with love,


Lisa Wingårdh

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