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How To Detox From Instagram  🧘🏼‍♀️

Namaste beautiful souls!

I hope that you had a beautiful weekend and that you missed me as much as I missed you. On Friday I logged out, deleted the app and took a three day long instagram break.

I honestly love connecting with each and single of one you through my posts and in my DMs. I love the possibilities with instagram and that I have made so many new like-minded friends. However, I needed this break because I began to feel uninspired. I was comparing myself which killed my creativity. I needed to take a step back, go within and ask myself; what am I here to do?

I’m not here to be perfect or to impress anyone. I’m here to share my spark with others who have lost theirs. To inspire, to give and to love. Freely. From now on I think you will noticed a bit more depth in my posts, a bit more unfiltered stories and a lot more authentic. I’m honoured to be on this journey with all of you and to guide you through this inner journey towards your truth.

Here’s my best tips if you want to take a break from Instagram or Social Media:

✨ Log out and delete the app from your phone. This is going to help you not automatically trying to log on to your phone.

✨ Schedule in the things you feel like you don’t have time for: see your family, call a friend or host a dinner.

✨ Journal on how you would like to change the way you use social media, maybe less screen time or unfollow certain accounts.

✨ Breathe and enjoy the time and space that this break creates - you will love it! I promise.

What do you want me to share more of? I’d love to hear in comments.

Namaste with love,


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Who Am I?


Have not used social media for a week now and have a goal to renovate my bedroom before I do. It will propably be another week. I have so much time over to do things that gives me energy rather then draining energy. Thank you :)


Im going to try and detox from social media, especially Instagram. It takes to much of my time and what i read is nothing i feel very good about.,A lot of bad stuff happend lately and I need to get away from bad energy., Thanks for the tips how to :)

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