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How To Create a SPA at Home

Namaste Beautiful Souls 🙏🏼

I hear and see a lot of people feeling restless or stuck at home, it's very understandable to feel like this right now, but there's many ways to fix it. For the love of Wellness I would like to share my Home SPA routine that I do every Wednesday and Sunday. I do this routine in the middle of the week and at the end of the week, like milestones to cafe card of the body for getting half way through and through the week.

1. Light as many candles as possible

2. Put on the playlist "SPA Treatment" on Spotify

3.Spray some organic room spray, light a scented candle or a infuser

4. Take a hot shower or bath, wash your hair and moisturise your body

5. Do a face mask of your choice

6. Put on your comfiest robe or pyjamas

7. Turn off your phone, your TV and any other distractions

8. Meditate for 5min, I offer my guided meditation on my IGTV

9. Make some herbal tea or cucumber and raspberries water

10. Give yourself a self massage - your face, shoulders, full body or feet

11. Do a manicure or pedicure (this is not for your looks, it's a internal way of relaxing by focusing on yourself)

Now just relax, relax and relax. If you begin to feel restless, read your favourite book, write in your journal or paint.

Hope you enjoy your Home SPA, I would love to hear how you felt afterwards below in the comments!

Namaste 💗


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