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Private Yoga in Stockholm and Worldwide Online

Namaste Beautiful Souls,

I'm very excited to share these news with you - I have launched Private Yoga on my website and are now open for bookings.

I have a very close and open relationship with my students and what I've heard from my conversations with you is that we all practise Yoga for different reasons. Some want to practise to recharge, release stress and just do a slow Hatha Yoga class. Some want to do an active Kundalini practise for their spirituality and some want to practise Yoga because they have some injury, health issues like insomnia or anxiety. I want to help everyone so my group classes are usually designed with many variations to fit all.

Personal Yoga is designed like personal training, where you get 1:1 time with the Teacher for your personal needs. It's perfect if you're completely new to Yoga and want to get the basics but it's also a perfect way for advanced Yogis to take their practise further. Maybe you and your partner want a private class where the theme of the class is tailor-made for you? Postures, breath-work, mantras, meditation and yogic wisdom are artfully sequenced in each class to align your five layers of yourself. I will guide you on a journey through healing and transformation. Expect to feel recharged and inspired.  Private Classes are available in Stockholm & worldwide via Zoom.

I still offer group classes, both online and if you would have a group class with your friends, for an event or with your Team at work.

DM/Email for bookings or questions 💌

Namaste with love!


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