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WW's Self-Care Sunday List

Uppdaterat: 19 jan. 2020

  1. Set your alarm at 08.00am

  2. No social media

  3. Open all the windows

  4. Drink a glass of hot lemon water

  5. Make the bed with fresh linen for the upcoming week

  6. Do Yoga or go for a long walk before breakfast

  7. Take a long shower and moisturize your entire body

  8. Put on clean, comfy clothes

  9. Eat your favorite breakfast

  10. Do something creative of your choice (paint, write, sing, dance)

  11. Buy yourself something - flowers or a designer bag (we won't judge you)

  12. Eat a freshly homemade salad for lunch

  13. Clean your apartment thoroughly

  14. Listen to a inspiring podcast while walking by the water/in the forest

  15. Research a new vegan/vegetarian recipe that you can make for dinner

  16. Go food shopping for the upcoming week and your dinner

  17. Prepare lunch, outfit and schedule for the ultimate stress-free Monday morning

  18. Watch a documentary

  19. Meditate before going to bed

  20. Lights out by 21.30pm

Thank you for reading 💎

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